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Hi there!

You are reading this page because I’ve sent you this url. If it’s not the case then please close this page and navigate elsewhere.

My goal

As a small time role-playing publisher my goal is to introduce excellent games to the Hungarian role-players. Because the Hungarian players were left alone by the bigger publishers, nowadays I am the only one person who is publishing any role-playing game in Hungary. Now the Hungarian players have only two choice if they are choosing which game they want to play: either they limit their choices to the small amount of Hungarian games, or they have to learn English to understand the foreign games. Maybe needless to say that the latter type gamers are much more less in numbers. So my holy task is to translate the games that the majority of Hungarian gamers maybe never heard of.

My skill-sets

I have worked many years in the field of desktop publishing, some years even in a printing house which is now prints my books. During and after that period I have worked as a website designer and sitebuilder, and currently I’m working as an online marketer. To sum all of these knowledge I can single handedly translate, make the layout work, construct and manage this sales website and promote my work.

My works

Here is just a teaser from some of my works. There isn’t exists a layout that I can not reproduce. Well Creepypasta would give me a huge amount of work, but I can reproduce that too if I want to.

My finished official products:

  • Blue Planet v2 Player’s Guide
  • Blue Planet v2 Moderator’s Guide
  • Trail of Cthulhu corebook
  • Rats in the Walls RPG
  • Red Mists RPG
  • Blades in the Dark RPG

My customers are praising the quality of the translations because I write much more better in Hungarian than in English (please excuse me if you can find any misspelling in this page).

About this site

If a customer wants to purchase a book, he (so far 100% of my customers are male) can buy the pdf only version and the physical book + pdf version. On the checkout page there is 4 payment and 2 shipment modes are available. The pdfs are stamped on every page with the customer’s name and with the order number. There is a hidden code in every pdf that includes the order number, to make sure that if somebody is manages to scrape off the stamps from the pdf, I’m still able to determine who was the culprit. It’s a hardened soft DRM. As I can see, there were not occurred any piracy so far.

I have started an affiliate program with a 10 percent commission rate, up to this point with only one affiliate partner, but this number will grow as many more products will be available.

Our team

I am not alone. Recently 1 more translators have joined under the flag of Kalandhorizont (it means Adventure Horizon) and everyone is eager to shake up the Hungarian scene with groundbreaking new RPG-s. With your RPG. United we can translate whole product lines if we can get the chance.

What can I offer?

We can’t expect a huge amount of sales, so any sales over 100 sold copies would be a success for us. Anyone can track the sold copies on the product pages (like in this page – under the product price: “Eladott darab: X”). So when we make an agreement that I have to pay royalty for every sold copies, you can track the actual sales number. That number is always realtime and shows the fulfilled transactions. I’m selling the books only at my website, every sold book are sold through this website, so I know the details all of my customers. That makes easy to retarget them with new offers, and channel them to an email marketing automation and target them with Facebook remarketing ads.

I can offer you a seamless cooperation. We can make a deal about the percentage of the dividend, make a written agreement or contract, you’ll send me the graphical and layout files, I will make the Hungarian edition and I will send you the money regularly as the sales has begun.

If you are interested about my offer, please send me a reply to the email address.